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Lens technology to control light Adoption that has been the lens transparency and impact resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy to excellent made ​​of polycarbonate. The resin which is also used in such as bulletproof equipment and aircraft canopy, excellent after processing them our lens to the lens of the optical performance by high molding technology are made. Not only to cut at least 99.9% of the harmful UV rays and provides protection spectacle born laser beam by a technique for controlling a light beam with a wavelength, a lens for enhancing the visibility corresponding to the visible wavelength, a lens or the like for cutting a specific wavelength It has.

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Eye protector

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Degree with counterparts

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Protection goggles

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Light blocking glasses

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Liquid crystal welding surface

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Disaster prevention and heat surface

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Support belt waist

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Electric respirator

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Disposable mask

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N95 infection-fine corresponding mask

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