Solo Containment
Powder Processing Isolators

Safe Containment for all powder processing operations

SOLO specialise in high performance powder processing isolators for a wide range of applications. These multi chamber isolators operate with a full negative pressure cascade and multi stage HEPA filtration. Solo’s flexible film powder processing isolators deliver the performance of a hard shell stainless steel isolator at greatly reduced costs and delivery cycles.

  • Drum entry via lift platform
  • Ezi-Dock CSV interface
  • Lyo-Guard Tray Transfer Isolator
  • Cable/wash lance interface

Solo’s Powder Processing isolators are suitable for the following applications

  • PowderDispensing
  • QA Sampling – Drums / IBC’s
  • Tray Dryer /Lyophiliser Tray transfer
  • Vessel Charging
  • Granulation, Milling, Micronising
  • Tablet Press Containment

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Powder Processing Isolators

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SoloLAB: Laboratory Isolator Unitm


Fast delivery Containment Solution

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Drum to Process Transfer Isolator

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