Ezi-Dock™ 高致敏傳輸系統

High Quality Liquid and Dust Free Powder Handling and Transfer solutions.

About Ezi-Dock™

Ezi-Dock™ Systems Limited is a 100% privately owned company based in Nottinghamshire, UK. Relying on a deep understanding of the day-to-day problems of waste and contamination faced by businesses involved in Powder and Liquid handling, Ezi-Dock™ designs and manufacturers unique products and solutions for the packaging industry, as well as end-users. Specializing in the handling and delivery of Foodstuffs, Oils & Fats, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Inks and Chemicals, Ezi-Dock™ exports its products to 15 countries world wide and, with distributors based in the USA, Australasia, Ireland and Japan, can ensure fast and reliable product delivery and service. The Ezi-Dock™ client base ranges from the World's largest drug companies right through to small organic food companies who need a cost-effective handling solution.

Ezi-Flow™ CSV

Next Generation of High Potency &Toxic API Powder Transfer Solutions for Pharmaceutical Processes

Developed as an alternative to traditional Spilt Butterfly Valve and Flexible Containment Technology, the Ezi-Flow™ CSV is made up of two complementary parts - one Active & one Passive.

The Active half is typically attached to the Fixed Equipment: Process Vessel, Filling or Discharge Station. The Passive half is fully disposable and is typically attached to the Mobile Equipment i.e. Powder Transfer Chargebags, Bottles.

Widely adopted by international pharmaceutical manufacturers- Pfizer, Teva, Roche, GSK, MSD, Jansen, Macopharma, Next Pharma, Catalent, Sandoz,etc.

Advantages of Disposable Transfer Port & Single-Use Charge Bags:

  • Optimum Protection:Complying to OEB 5 (=OEL<1µg/m³), the highest seal standard.
  • Patented Interlocked Design:The Active and Passive halves are interlocked and cannot be opened prior to being docked and locked together.
  • Better Quality Control:Decreasing the risk of cross contamination.
  • Time Efficiency:Rapid transfer. Eliminating the need for CIP/SIP decontamination & validation procedure.
  • Economic Efficiency:Reducing operating costs and decrease capital investment by eliminating the elements traditionally needed in stainless steel systems.
  • Great Flexibility:Easily integrated into existing/new station, providing higher flexibility for increasing production capacity or expanding product lines.
  • Minimized Footprints:Possible to save about 25% of the space that a similar stainless steel installation takes.
  • Energy Saving:Resent study estimate that single-use technology is 25-50% less carbon-dioxide intensive than is stainless steel.

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