CMP 異物檢查 洩漏測試機

The only source of knowledge is experience We at CMP see things in a whole new way.

About CMP

CMP was imagined, projected and managed with the target of becoming a high-quality company. A strong moral system, the culture of changing and improving, the values and the responsibilities are the driving force of the modern companies which want to establish themselves in the market. All CMP employees have clear that only through distinction (in method, inside and outside relationships, products and services) the company could guarantee its own future.

Inspection Machines

» Extraneous reflecting and no reflecting particles, fibres, glasses
» Correct filling level
» Cosmetic inspection of lyo products

Leak Test Machines

» Cracks, crazing or microscopically tiny pinholes, insufficient glass wall thickness.
» Oxygen control by laser (TDLAS system)

Optional Inspections

» Cosmetic control (shape, height, black spots, position of the cap)
» Ring/cap colour control
» Colour of the product
» Glass defects
» Plunger inspection (for cartridges)

CMP Software

» Up to 30 images for camera
» Camera resolution up to 2 megapixel
» 21 CFR part.11 compliant
» Audit Trail

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