Ompi 歐壁 TYPE1西林瓶安瓿瓶 EZ-fill™


About Ompi

Ompi is the Pharmaceutical Systems division of the Stevanato Group. It has more than 65 years’ experience in the production of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry: ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes.

Ompi is well positioned to serve the future needs of its clients with production sites located throughout Europe (Piombino Dese-Padua and Latina in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia). In addition, there is also a plant in Monterrey, Mexico that is supported by a commercial office in the USA, and a new, greenfield facility in Zhangjiagang, China.

Product Line

Ompi boasts a unique expertise in providing superior pharmaceutical containers from glass-tubing. Its comprehensive portfolio covers every customer need, from those related to small molecules to highly sensitive drugs: syringes, pen and dental cartridges, injection and lyophilization vials and ampoules. Syringes, cartridges and vials are produced both in bulk and sterile format (EZ-fill™).

Opmi - Ready to fill

“EZ-fill™ Vials & Cartridges”. This kind of solution provides clean, sterile, not pyrogenic and ready to be filled glass containers for pharmaceutical use, different from syringes, to be used in injection devices, simplifying and standardizing the traditional production process. With EZ-fill™ Vials & Cartridges, PharmaCo and CMO can outsource even more “non-core” manufacturing process, thereby reducing overall costs and concentrating resources on added value “core” activities, such as aseptic finish and filling.

  • Reduced Investment for production equpiment.
  • Reduced processing and validation costs.
  • Reduced time to market: allowing delivery of reduced shelf life products on time.
  • Increased flexibility: initial applications are clinical trials and small sized drug batches.
  • Facilitates Tech transfer: eases issues of site to site transfer of production, ideal for work with CMO's.

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