MK 手套洩漏測試

Glove integrity testing system. Testing and recording-wireless and efficient

Glove Testing System

MK-Glove Testing Systems (MK-Handschuhprüfsysteme) enable you to carry out glove tests in your pharmaceutical plants fast and straightforwardly. You can test the built-in gloves directly in the isolator or RABS. With solutions from MK you are able to carry out all tests decentralized and simultaneously. Easy handling by user-friendly operation, wireless data transfer and computer-aided data acquisition and moreover any disturbing wires. If you bank on our gloves, ports and testing systems, you will get a perfectly coordinated system.

Automatic Glove Testing Device

The software-assisted glove testing system provides you with the possibility to test your gloves needed for the production, fast and efficiently. Test all gloves in your isolator/RABS simultaneously and regain valuable production time of your plants. Wireless all data and outcomes are saved database-assisted and after having been edited, they are placed at your disposal for your documentation.

WiFi Glove Testing Device

The Glove Testing System WiFi is a software-assisted glove testing system enabling you to test your gloves fast and efficiently. With this system you can test all gloves in yourisolator/RABS simultaneously and regain valuable production time of your plants. The flexibility of the system even allows to run multiple test batches in parallel, allowing you to begin testing as soon as the first glove tester is prepared and thus further reducing overall testing time.

  • Simultaneous and parallel measurement: of 35+ gloves controlled by GITS®-software allows for timesaving glove integrity testing.
  • Reliable in-situ testing: without jeopardizing glove integrity by glove removal or manipulation.
  • 100% mobility: lightweight and completely wireless glove testing system.
  • Port and glove detection: integrated RFID technology enables automatic machine validation and glove lifecycle tracking.
  • Superior hole detection: of holes smaller than 100 μm while maintaining short measurement times.
  • Fast glove integrity verification typically commencing from 8-15 minutes total test time.
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization: glove tester build with minimal grooves and edges.

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Automatic Glove Testing Device


WiFi Glove Testing Device

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