Tintschl Flowmarker® 氣流可視化

Visualisation and Measurement of AirFlow

About Tintschl Group

The Tintschl BioEnergie und Strömungstechnik AG is a member of Tintschl Group. As a spin-off from Tintschl Engineering AG the company was founded in January 2009. Our product line and range of services derived from the original competence of engineering services in the fields of fluid dynamics.Our experience in the fields of fluid dynamics are also related quite specifically to our products for the visualisation and measurement of air flow. Due to the high educational level of our engineers, technicians and design draftsmen our portfolio comprises highly specified services and sophisticated products as follows:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Measuring and Visualizing Air Flow
  • Testing Fume Cupboards
  • Designing Components for Ventilation Technology and Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Distributing Products for Ventilation Technology and Fume Cupboards, particularly
Our high standard is quality-tested according to ISO 9001 and is monitored accordingly.


The Flowmarker® is our established fog generator for various applications. From one tank filling this wireless handheld device generates long-lasting and thermally inactive fog for approximately 20 minutes or for about 420 outputs lasting three seconds. The fog is generated from a special fog fluid. This fog fluid is harmless to the health and causes no residue in the environment to be filled with fog.

After a short warm-up period of about 30 seconds max, the fully charged FlowMarker® can be operated for two to five hours – depending on the duration and the frequency of each fog output.The complete package comprises the FlowMarker® as the basic device, a rigid application tube and the Hydra including a flexible application tube of standard length 5m. All components necessary for starting operation of the device are included.

The standard application tube made of impact-resistant plastic can be extended by 75cm up to 150cm. If required, the Flowmarker® is upgradeable to radio operation.For those areas difficulty to reach we recommend the accessory Hydra , which is an adapter easy to handle and coupled by a flexible tube. Further fields of application can be covered by the FlowTracer.


As an expansion module for the FlowMarker®, we recommend the Hydra for fog generation in areas difficulty to reach, such as beneath ceiling outlets, behind claddings or inside model constructions and wherever fog is suitable for visualizing air flow.

The basic for the Hydra system is an adapter easily to be coupled to the FlowMarker® for mounting a flexible application tube instead of the standard application tube. This flexible tube can be elongated up to 10m (outer diameter ≈ 16 mm). The fog leaves this module in the same condition as well-known from the FlowMarker® with standard application tube.Using these additional modules fog can be emitted at distant places, so that the position of the basic device FlowMarker® is only limited by the length of the application tube.


The FlowLiner® is a special fog device designed for emitting very powerful fog thread inside wind tunnels, where air velocity is much higher.Since the generated fog has to be outlet at the tip of the lance of the FlowLiner® and shall not condense inside it, the lance is heated. Therefore, due to operational safety, a special insulation around the lance is mounted in order to prevent that a user get burned when touching the lance. The strong fog thread of the FlowLiner® can be used for stream velocities of 5m/s to 60 m/s. The length of the lance can be chosen according to customer’s demands within a range of 0.25 m to 1.01 m.

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