ACTINI 阿克提尼 廢液熱處理設備

Effluent decontamination systems

Heat treatment solutions for Biowaste

As a leader in sterilization technologies ACTINI designs and manufactures a range of effluent decontamination systems to meet the most stringent standards for containment. These specific tubular heat decontamination systems are designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers of vaccines and laboratories working with pathogens classified from BSL-1 to BSL-4 and provide a level of security and reliability unmatched compared to conventional solutions.

Technological advances in the techniques of decontamination and inactivation produced by ACTINI allow us to provide more efficient and cost-effective systems for projects of all sizes and for all types of confined environments.

Main features of our systems

ACTINI has engineered a unique continuous thermal system for effluent decontamination. Our effluent decontamination productline for large volume rangess from 150 to 12,000 liters of effluent per hour, with either all-electric or steam operated heating technologies, depending on the capabilities and fluids available in your building.

Our 60 years of expertise in the manufacturing of such equipment allows us to offer fully automatic cost-effective effluent decontamination solutions that meet the highest standards in biosecurity and biological containment.

  • Standard solution for projects without specific requirements and custom design equipment for specific URS
  • Compliance with international pharmaceutical standards
  • Compliance with the highest containment requirements (BSL-3-BSL-4)
  • Electricity or steam operated units (Actijoule® patented technology)
  • Fully automatic working
  • Modular concept assembled and tested at our factory before delivery
  • Available 10-year Performance Warranty

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Complete range

All ACTINI effluent decontamination solutions - Flow rate: 70 to 180,000 liters per day---Download

Cyclobatch decontamination system

Batch decontamination system with steam tangential injection - Flow rate: 1,000 to 14,000 liters per day---Download

Lab decontamination unit

Decontamination system designed for labs - Flow rate: 150 to 300 liters per day---Download

Large scale decontamination system

Continuous decontamination systems for bio-industries and vaccine manufacturers - Flow rate: 2,000 to 180,000 liters per day---Download