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Biowaste Decontaimnation System

ACTINI has developed a unique continuous process aimed at decontaminating biowastes. Alternative to the chemical or batch treatment systems, its decontamination plants are particularly adapted to the requirements of vaccines makers and laboratories working with germs classified as BSL1 to BSL4.

This system has already been validated and implemented by the main vaccines manufacturers and by many laboratories, such as GLAXOSMITHKLINE, SANOFI PASTEUR, NOVARTIS CHIRON, PFIZER, MERIAL, FORT DODGE, OM PHARMA, FOIX'S ANIMAL LABORATORY,


CMP 異物檢查機


1.Inspection Machines
2.Leak Test Machines
3.Optional Inspections
4.CMP Software



Portable Airflow Visualization

Ezi-Dock™ Systems Limited is a 100% privately owned company based in Nottinghamshire, UK. Relying on a deep understanding of the day-to-day problems of waste and contamination faced by businesses involved in Powder and Liquid handling, Ezi-Dock™ designs and manufacturers unique products and solutions for the packaging industry, as well as end-users. Specializing in the handling and delivery of Foodstuffs, Oils & Fats, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Inks and Chemicals, Ezi-Dock™ exports its products to 15 countries world wide and, with distributors based in the USA, Australasia, Ireland and Japan, can ensure fast and reliable product delivery and service. The Ezi-Dock™ client base ranges from the World's largest drug companies right through to small organic food companies who need a cost-effective handling solution.


Tintschl flowmarker®

Portable Airflow Visualization

The FlowMarker fog generator was especially developed for the visualization of slow and weak airflows in the fields of science and technology.

The FlowMarker contains no hazardous materials and only one heating element with circa 40w power input. All SAFEX®-FOG GENERATORS comply with CE and therefore meet to the legal regulations of the European Community.



Glove Integrity Testing WIfi System

You can test the built-in gloves directly in the isolator or RABS. With solutions from MK you are able to carry out all tests decentralized and simultaneously. Easy handling by user-friendly operation, wireless data transfer and computer-aided data acquisition and moreover any disturbing wires.



High-quality parenteral glass packaging to help you patients achieve your goals.

Ompi has a unique expertise in providing superior pharmaceutical containers from glass tubing.

Advanced equipment for production and controls of tubolar glass containers


Long Gloves, Isolator Gloves, and Sleeves

EPDM FDA Approved (FDA CFR 21 177.2600) Antistatic Compatible with VHP Autoclave
Excellent Chemical Resistance
High Resistance to UV Rays/Ozone High Temperature Limit :260F



Enzyme Indicators 酶指示劑(EI)



Solo Containment

We formed Solo Containment to bring our rigid containment expertise to the flexible containment sector. The benefit for you, as our customer, is a more cost effective containment solution that has been developed with the rigorous analysis and techniques we’ve learned from the wider containment market.



Toward the safety and better health and environment of the people who work.

We developed based on the core technology that controls the light over more than 100 years since its inception, the industrial safety glasses and various protective equipment, such as a laser beam light blocking glasses. Also, for example, by developing ahead of dust mask or an electric fan with respiratory protective equipment on the basis of the filter technology that was built up over 30 years in the industry, we have always proposed a new product. Not only the body of the people who work in the future, over the life style in general, we will continue to support a more comfortable living environment is safe.


Experts in Engineered and Clean Air

USIN can also provide relative service and benefits to your business

Equipment Decontamination

The safest and most efficient way of decontaminating a microbiological safety cabinet using hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) vapour decontamination services.

Cleanroom Decontamination

For emergency outbreaks or routine cleaning protocols of cleanrooms, our H2O2 services will decontaminate the environment rapidly, efficiently and safely.

Service & Spares

USIN's Service and Aftermarket team can offer you an ongoing support service over the full lifetime of our products and beyond to your future needs. We can maintain, validate and upgrade your equipment. This ensures that you meet the latest industry regulations and that your people, products and business receive the maximum protection.

Aseptic Isolators and Barriers

We plan any formats of sterile environment to ensure compliance with the safety and quality standards, to ensure that you receive the optimum barrier solution for your facility.

passive RABS & active RABS

Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) are an effective alternative to isolators and cleanrooms where product protection from contaminants is of paramount importance.

Consulting Services

We explain why you need to do what needs to be done, and help you to generate data which will successfully meet the requirements.

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